Movements, Activity, Range and Habitat Use of the Jamaican Yellow Boa (Epicrates subflavus)
in collaboration with US Forest Service

Collaboration with Dr Craig Rudolph of US Forest Service was first explored during his stay at Windsor in February 2007. His snake telemetry experience excited us because we identified the Jamaican Yellow Boa as a conservation target during our decelopment of a Cockpit Country Site Conservation Plan (SCP) during 2002.

Craig's initial suggestion (August 2007) was that "3-4 would be a good start. We could add more later. If a designated student were available, we might want to increase the number." and we proceeded, with many false starts, due permit delays, funding delays etc, to start the project with training sessions at Windsor in November 2008.

During this period, veterinary surgeon Dr Michael Whittingham observed two and carried out one surgical implantation of Holohil radio transmitters in three Jamaican Boas, under the supervision of Dr Rudolph.
WRC's Dr Susan Koenig and Project Leader Erika Miersma were trained in implantation procedures (as assistants) and in radio-telemetry survey techniques, habitat monitoring and Jamaican Boa climbing trials. They were also trained in snake handling by Dino Ferri of Jacksonville Zoo and Paul Himes

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