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Within the framework of the ongoing discussions on the importance of the Cockpit Country (see map) as an important reservoir of unquantified biodiversity, and in keeping with repeated calls for remote field stations, the Windsor Research Centre was established to promote, facilitate, monitor and centralise research associated with the Cockpit Country.

This maintains the research link, which historically has been associated with the area from at least 1920, when Harold E. Anthony' (mammologist at American Museum of Natural History, NY) visited Windsor and stayed at the Great House. Note also the connection with Miriam Rothschild, who conducted seminal research on mammalian ectoparasites in Windsor Cave and who owned Windsor Great House during the 1950's.

Mission Statement

The mission of the WRC is to promote research in the Natural Sciences with particular reference to the conservation of Cockpit Country; to act as a repository for this research; to disseminate information to ensure the best-possible protection and management of Cockpit Country.







(See alsoArticles of Association and Memorandum of Association)

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